Lawyers from the Colorado State Public Defender are appointed to represent juveniles, persons under the age of 18, accused of committing delinquent acts [def] in Colorado. In Colorado, a juvenile, can be charged with a delinquent act when they are as young as 10 years old. Juveniles who are charged in very serious cases can also face serious adult consequences if the district attorney files motions to try them as adults or motions to transfer their case to adult court. With the assistance of social workers and investigators, Public Defender lawyers provide zealous advocacy to ensure that the constitutional rights of juveniles are fully protected and realized.

If you are charged with a delinquent act in Colorado, use the link below to find the Public Defender office that will help you decide how to best proceed with your case.  You will need to contact the office in the county where you got your ticket, not where you live unless it is the same county, so be sure and use the map to find out which office you should contact.